• boat
  • commercial bonds
  • church
  • collectibles
  • collector vehicle
  • commercial auto
  • commercial vacant
  • dwelling fire
  • flood
  • general liability
  • High Value Home-W140
  • Homeowner-W140
  • In-Home Business-W140
  • Manufactured Home-W140
  • Motorcycle-W140
  • Motor Home-W140
  • Personal Umbrella-W140
  • Snowmobile-W140
  • Travel Trailer-W140
  • Vacant Dwelling-W140
  • workers comp

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Grand General Agency

3030 Ivanrest Ave SW, Suite B
Grandville, MI 49418
Phone (800)869-2022
Fax (888)767-0826
Text Line: 616-606-FAST(3278)


  • VacantDwellingFireApril252016-W500
  • In-Home BusinessJune302014
  • Manufactured Home All ProductsFeb32014-W500
  • Flood All TypesMarch102014-W500
  • CommercialAugust222016-W500
  • Workers CompJuly62015-W500

Communicating With Grand General

As most of you know we fax our Grand Laffs out every week on Tuesday. Did you know that once a month we send out a product email highlighting one of the products we provide? In that email you will be informed of the product, coverages and any additional information we think would be helpful. Our product email is usually emailed on the first Thursday of the month. We also send an email out on the third Thursday of the month called News You Need! This email lets you know about changes the companies are making along with valuable information regarding products. Sometimes there will be information regarding a contest we are having, or our holiday hours.

Stay tuned for emails and Grand Laffs. We want you to stay informed, and have all the up to date information. As always, give us a call if you have any questions. Visit our website often for changes to products and information.

Send Us Your Contractor Submissions!

Do you need competitive quotes for your artisan/trade contractor and handyman clients? We can quote general liability for most classes of business, including startups. Our companies include The Hartford, USLI, Endurance and Foremost with limits up to $2/$4 Million.

Ask us about blanket coverage for additional insureds, waiver of subrogation, and primary and noncontributory wording when you need them. We can help. Need to add coverage for miscellaneous tools? We can add it on. We can also provide stand-alone property coverage for contractor's equipment such as skid steers, bull dozers, and feller bunchers. Coverage, including damage done by flood or earthquake is available for owned, leased and rented equipment. Large schedules are ok.

Want to get started? Send your Acord applications along with our contractor supplement to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get the ball rolling.

Why Use Grand General?

It starts when you contact us. Do you have us on your Speed dial (800-869-2022)? Is our website in your Favorites? We sure hope so!

This website was created with you in mind. We consulted agents and made it clear and easy to navigate.

Quote Request Forms are fillable, found at our web site, and submitted directly to our underwriters with a single "click". Or use any application you've already completed and we'll give you a call if more information is needed. We check each available company and get the best quote back to you, usually within 2 hours. Quote Request Forms are offered for:

Vacant Res./Comm.

Flood Res./Comm. Dwelling Fire
High Value Home Manufactured Home Church
BOP Snowmobile/ATV Workers Comp

Other products are quoted with applications available at our website or Acord forms. These forms can be faxed to 1-888-767-0826 or emailed to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Your choice.

You also have the option of quoting the risk yourself, online, from our website.

The phone is answered by a person; usually an underwriter. If that person can't help you, they know who can.

If the customer is in your office, or for some other reason you need that quote right away, give us a call at 1-800-869-2022. Our underwriters are willing to do the quote by phone.

USLI offers a bindable quote by phone in as little as 5 minutes through the Grand General Hotline - 1-888-875-5230. They will also email the quote to you with the partially completed application. We'll send you instructions for binding.  93% of calls result in a quote. They write 500 classes of 55 products.

Most policies are direct bill. Most products and carriers are admitted. All companies we use have a minimum A.M. Best rating of "A-, Excellent." No worries!

Premium financing is available. Our underwriters would be happy to set it up for you.

Books of business are easy to move to Grand General by BOR or AOR. Call and speak to Bill for details regarding a particular carrier.

What else can we do for you? We really do want to know.

What You Need To Know About A Non-Profit Package

The Specialty Non-Profit Package Product targets non-profits such as: business associations, chambers of commerce, charitable organizations, fundraising foundations, membership organizations, and trade associations.

Sometimes these organizations have multiple events throughout the year. It's easy to cover them with a blanket special events endorsement. This endorsement allows up to 2,500 attendees for each event, and can also be written with up to 2,500 active memberships.

The Social Services Product targets humane societies, pet rescue groups, human services counseling, thrift store organizations, and conservation groups.

Coverage can include a full package, including GL, E&O, D&O, EPL, and Property. Minimum premiums start at $250 for property, and $500 for the GL/E&O. Full prior acts coverage can also be added. USLI offers a business resources hotline number when EPL is purchased as well. The Business Resource Center can provide your policyholders access to the following free or greatly discounted value-added services: human resources, payroll processing, cyber risk, background checks, recruiting and interviewing training, alcohol and service safety, online and print marketing, web site tools, and search engine optimization, and social media.

The Arts and Culture Product targets theatre groups, art galleries, museums, and choir and orchestra groups.

For all product lines, abuse and molestation coverage can be included, mental anguish and emotional distress wording is expanded and defined in the policy language, and inland marine coverage can be included for the non-profit's equipment going out on the road.

The list doesn't stop here! Give us a call with your risk and we'll gladly see how we can help!